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PRESS RELEASE: Fornetix and OutSecure Partner to Provide Comprehensive Security for Smart Cities

FREDERICK, MD – Fornetix, Inc., an industry pioneer and leader in enterprise encryption management technology, has partnered with OutSecure, a preeminent Cybersecurity & Privacy Strategy creation company, to provide a comprehensive and complete approach to cybersecurity to smart cities.

Delogo-outsecurependent upon Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, smart cities require end-to-end security solutions that span cloud and connectivity layers while still supporting IoT devices that are often not powerful enough to utilize traditional security solutions. Security must be comprehensive or attackers are able to easily exploit the weakest IoT link. Fornetix and OutSecure work together to protect and manage devices, secure communications, and utilize a holistic view of the component systems integration.

“OutSecure works to identify the security pain-points in a smart city and then addresses their specific remediation. Cybersecurity is a complex area that spans infrastructure, connectivity, lines of business, and supply chain even for smart cities with a robust security initiative. It is easy to miss the alignment necessary to truly ensure critical assets and risks from connectivity are protected,” said Pamela Gupta, President of OutSecure.

VaultCore by Fornetix is the premiere IoT enterprise-grade encryption key manager built specifically to support the massive scale and automation needed by the likes of large IoT networks and smart city initiatives. The vast amount of sensors, data, applications, and communications in a smart city environment rapidly generates the need for millions of encryption keys. Fornetix is able to deliver powerful encryption management and security for smart city power grids, connected vehicles, traffic management, city surveillance, private data, law enforcement, and much more.

“Fornetix and OutSecure together provide a full threat and risk assessment for smart cities. Fornetix is the principal conductor in orchestrating a smart city’s security through encryption. This partnership and technology is vital for risk mitigation as well as reducing the cost for securing assets,” said Mark Gilroy, CEO of Fornetix.

About Fornetix

The Fornetix® ecosystem is the only enterprise key manager with the capacity and horsepower to manage hundreds of millions of encryption keys, the number required by cutting-edge IoT networks and applications. This unmatched scalability empowers organizations to build a data security strategy with encryption as the bedrock foundation — no compromises needed. Powerful tools for automating the key lifecycle, enforcing cryptographic policies, and rapidly integrating with the most popular IT services and technologies sets a new standard and opens new opportunities for broad encryption deployment. For more information visit

About OutSecure

OutSecure provides clients necessary and strategic cybersecurity programs to ensure they safely achieve business objectives of profitability, innovation and resilience. Clients are facing risks to their critical assets in addition to constantly changing risks due to emerging technology such as Cloud, IoT, AI and more.

We provide management with objective proof to stakeholders and shareholders that they recognize the risks and have an independent evaluation to understand the risks and their mitigation. Within the company we help create an actionable roadmap that spans technology, process and people. For more information visit

Note: This entry has been edited to reflect the ‘Key Orchestration’ solution name becoming ‘VaultCore’