Why Encryption Key Management Can’t Be an Afterthought

The latest best practices in enterprise data security include utilizing KMIP AND an encryption key management solution. While most security conscious companies are mindful of the latest advancements in storage encryption, there is a lack of attention to the requirements necessary to managing the thousands of keys generated from multiple data centers, storage devices, and software — specifically, enterprise level encryption key management systems have been overlooked, leaving companies vulnerable.

Managing encryption keys has arguably always been the most challenging part of implementing an encryption security strategy. In fact, many companies continue to use outdated processes that employ “key custodians,” dedicated staff whose sole responsibilities are to keep track of keys in spreadsheets and update them manually on a preset schedule. This antiquated process increases overhead, results in inefficiencies, and greatly increases inherent vulnerabilities associated with human error, loss of key material, and missed deadlines. This practice unfortunately continues to allow bad actors the ability to penetrate what most security administrators would have previously believed an impenetrable defense.

Because of the rapid increase in IoT adoption, cloud data storage, and distributed workforces, today’s enterprise systems require thousands or even millions of keys to properly protect data – an impossible task to do efficiently or accurately when performed manually by a key custodian. The best practice solution in this situation is to install an encryption key management system that puts an end to human error and inefficiencies with a highly automated, extremely scalable, and fully secure platform.

Why is an Enterprise Encryption Key Management System Necessary?

Newer data and privacy regulations are evolving to include a more granular level of encryption that requires the integration of not only server-level encryption, but encryption down to the file level. This granular level of data encryption is creating more keys that prove to be easy targets for bad actors when left unmanaged. To adequately protect the large amount of data being stored and transferred between networks and devices, daily implementation of enterprise key management is essential to the security strategy. Simply put, it cannot be overlooked.

Key Management No Longer Has to be Hard

VaultCore™ by Fornetix

Enter VaultCore. The patented proprietary technology that makes VaultCore a state-of-the-art encryption key management system gives administrators from every industry the power to organize in a policy-based hierarchy. This guarantees swift and accurate integration and enforcement of mandated policies throughout the entire enterprise.

Adequate protection of large amounts of data requires daily attention. With VaultCore, you’re capable of setting a re-key schedule that matches your desired policy – a “set it and forget it” approach – that ultimately save tens of thousands of dollars (or more) by turning a manual process into a simple click of a button.

VaultCore provides full lifecycle key management; meaning, you have complete control to generate, register, store, distribute, install, use, rotate, backup, recover, revoke, suspend, or destroy keys. This unprecedented power ensures only keys that comply with the most recent policy are deployed, only to the appropriate devices, and are enforced accordingly to the most granular level. This automation and policy enforcement control can easily be exercised across all environments including storage, applications, virtualization, networks, and cloud services, providing the ultimate cyber defense protection through VaultCore’s Mandatory Access Control (MAC).

VaultCore’s Mandatory Access Controls are provided through Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) and Positional Security. Where RBAC and ABAC drive how clients interact with VaultCore, Positional Security drives the cryptographic object visibility. VaultCore’s unique hybrid approach is a key benefit. This proactive, centralized approach to data security allows organizations – at any point – to review and control who has access to keys AND how the keys are being used through both ABAC AND RBAC.

Centralized Control Panel and Streamlined Reporting

VaultCore streamlines reporting with a centralized control panel accessed via a simple web interface. Administrators have clear visibility of all encrypted devices and are provided signed, validated audit log information on key management and key consumption – who accessed the key, the event time, and the success or failure of the operation. The hassles of collecting access reports, locating client credentials, and organizing reporting from multiple locations becomes a thing of the past.

Swift Integration and Scalability

KMIP connectors and almost two dozen plugins that connect with non-KMIP technologies makes integration with your existing systems and VaultCore quick and simple.

VaultCore’s best-in-class capacity to manage millions of encryption keys makes it the world’s most scalable key management solution.

Right now, you can experience VaultCore for yourself FREE for 30-days. The VaultCore trial is delivered as a virtual appliance and now comes “out of the box” with an Evaluation License that allows you to experience the full power of VaultCore with no financial commitment and no strings attached. Simply click the button below and see for yourself why Dell Technologies, U.S. intelligence agencies, financial institutions, and the healthcare industry are turning to VaultCore to protect their most valuable assets.

About Fornetix

Based in Frederick, Maryland, Fornetix LLC is an industry pioneer and global leader in enterprise encryption management technology serving the U.S. intelligence community and most major commercial industries including healthcare, financial, telecom, and more.

Fornetix currently holds eight U.S. patents for groundbreaking technologies that have been incorporated into the VaultCore encryption key management solution. Additionally, Fornetix has five U.S. patent applications currently pending along with nearly one hundred international applications.

Fornetix remains focused on actively-controlled encryption key management with emphasis on VaultCore updates designed to address security challenges arising from trending threats. The ongoing commitment to standards and interoperability have enabled Fornetix to join forces with leading technology partners around the globe to provide smart, unified security solutions that bring efficiency, effectiveness, and cost savings to what has historically been a chaotic and unmanageable environment.