What Fornetix Has Planned for the 2018 RSA Conference

Is RSA really less than a week away? It feels like just a few short months ago that the team at Fornetix was lamenting the fact that we’d have to wait until mid-April for the one event we all look forward to year-after-year.

For us, it’s an event that brings together our customers and partners for discussions around furthering the security field and solving big problems together. This year, we’re thrilled to have our biggest presence at RSA to date. Below, we listed where you can find the team throughout the week:

Fornetix Booth #741 in South Expo Hall at Moscone

Come see demonstrations of how Fornetix Key Orchestration can integrate with various technologies to bring your encryption key management strategy under one umbrella. A sample of the technologies that are covered include:

  • AWS
  • F5
  • VMware
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft IIS

There will be an in-booth happy hour on Tuesday from 4-6 sponsored by our good friends over at StorMagic. Come relax and grab some complimentary beer and wine.

In addition to product demos, we will have multiple partner-led sessions at the in-booth theatre. Stop by to grab some giveaways and to learn about how we’re creating unique solutions to solve unique problems. Check out the schedule below:

 Booth 741 Schedule


OASIS Interop Booth #1601 in South Expo Hall at Moscone

The second place you can find our team on the show floor is in the OASIS Interop Booth. Two individuals from our Product Development team will be camped out demonstrating how our commitment to open standards increases usability and integration possibilities for our customers.

Each year OASIS hosts interoperability testing for the widely accepted KMIP standard. If those acronyms mean nothing to you, this short FAQ should help:

  • What is OASIS? OASIS is a nonprofit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society.
  • What is KMIP? KMIP is a comprehensive protocol for secure communication between encryption systems.
  • Why is there an Interop booth and what is Interop anyways? What is an interop? A cornerstone goal of the standard is to have clients and server, regardless of their manufacturers, be able to effectively communicate with each other. Interoperability tests prove any server and any client that is using KMIP and participates in the technical committee are adhering to a common standard.
  • How does Fornetix leverage KMIP and PKCS11? Fornetix leverages KMIP and PKCS11 as the backbone of the Key Orchestration Appliance and Key Orchestration Virtual Appliance. PKCS11 is the API to allow common communication frameworks, KMIP is the protocol we commonly use to communicate with each other.

As you can tell, we’re going to be very busy! We look forward to catching up with you while we’re there. Don’t have a pass? Register for an expo pass on us using code X8EFORNE at the RSA website. Follow along with the team’s RSA adventures on Twitter @fornetix and me directly @meganhorner00.

See you there!

– Megan