PRESS RELEASE: Fornetix Announces Key Orchestration™ Name Change to VaultCore™ and Launches Version 2.4

Improved features help VaultCore amplify its data protection capabilities

FREDERICK, MARYLANDFornetix LLC, an industry pioneer and leader in enterprise encryption management technology, announced today that they have changed their flagship key management solution’s name from Key Orchestration to VaultCore.

“Welcome to the future of encryption key management! We are excited to announce the VaultCore brand to better reflect the success of our patented, military-grade automated encryption key management solution. As sophisticated hacks continue to grow and make securing enterprise data more complex, VaultCore is designed to equip organizations to meet serious, and pervasive security threats with an interoperable, scalable, and highly secure system for easily managing encryption across all technology stacks,” said Mark Gilroy, Fornetix CEO.

With flexible deployment options including hardware or software appliances, VaultCore enables a unified approach to data security through leveraging and enforcing encryption across an entire organization. With unified encryption management, users can store and control all encryption keys across all environments, whether it is on-premise storage, virtualized, or in the cloud.

Fornetix has also released VaultCore version 2.4. This powerful upgrade provides numerous improvements including a simplified user interface, an all-new plugin framework, and outbound interfaces with powerful technologies such as REST, NETCONF, and RUCKUS.

VaultCore’s new user interface has been simplified with easy and intuitive controls while providing new capabilities like a single touch point for automation and scheduling, better methods to organize your architecture, and improved built-in documentation.


The Plugin Manager is the expansion and integration of a new server-side component that operates dynamic loading and integration of other server-side components. This allows for the creation of new capabilities and features in a more consistent, rapid, and repeatable manner. These plugins maintain a secure crypto architecture with the agility to meet the evolving needs of VaultCore users. The License Manager Plugin centralizes and streamlines licensing operations and allows for status checks of license keys, activation and deactivation of licenses, and a framework for licensing new features and plugins in a secure, scalable manner.

With new Outbound Interface Plugins, users can leverage commands for network management through VaultCore Compositions with the power of the new Plugin Framework. As such, the VaultCore platform can now deploy powerful automation that merges cryptographic key lifecycle with system configuration and administration, becoming a central hub of core capabilities in the organization.

“These software developments further Fornetix’s commitment to helping secure our customers’ data and streamlining each users experience,” said Chuck White, Chief Technology Officer. “The vast amount of data and information being generated today is more often necessitating millions of encryption keys,” White added.

Through VaultCore, Fornetix is able to deliver powerful encryption management and security to a broad range of industries including healthcare, banking, utilities, telecoms, and more. As part of our commitment to serving users around the globe, the VaultCore server can now operate in Coordinated Universal Time. This harmonizes global High-Availability deployments of the technology across multiple time-zones.

“We want companies to have the opportunity to evaluate VaultCore risk-free and see for themselves why Dell, the U.S. intelligence community, financial institutions, telecommunications, and so many other major industries are choosing VaultCore above other key management solutions, so we’ve created a fully-enabled trial offer,” said Chuck White, CTO. “We have no doubt that after users evaluate our robust solution for free, they’ll want VaultCore to permanently protect their most valuable data assets.”

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Fornetix® delivers VaultCore™, the only enterprise key manager with the capacity and horsepower to manage hundreds of millions of encryption keys, the number required by cutting-edge IoT networks and applications. This unmatched scalability empowers organizations to build a data security strategy with encryption as the bedrock foundation — no compromises needed. Powerful tools for automating the key lifecycle, enforcing cryptographic policies, and rapidly integrating with the most popular IT services and technologies sets a new standard and opens new opportunities for broad encryption deployment. For more information visit