RackTop Teams with Fornetix to Create FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Compliant Encrypted Data Storage Solution

FULTON, Maryland, July 25, 2017 Today, RackTop Systems announced the immediate availability of its advanced secure encryption service with support for external cryptographic key management powered by Fornetix® Key Orchestration™. The enhancement enables organizations to meet strict data-at-rest encryption requirements while providing effortless, unified management of encryption keys. RackTop’s advanced encryption service maintains the highest level of protection by eliminating any human interaction or knowledge of keys, pins, or passwords.

“The RackTop team has deep cyber security roots, and this offering is a foundational component to securing data within the Enterprise. We partnered with Fornetix on this solution not only because they have a great product, but also because they, too, were born from the cyber community,” said Eric Bednash, RackTop’s CEO. “Our joint understanding of data security not only provides customers with a great solution, but also the peace of mind of knowing the people behind the company have been solving the biggest cyber data problems for a long time.”

This recent addition further strengthens RackTop’s leadership position in providing a high-performance data management and storage platform for security and compliance. RackTop’s BrickStor storage operating system combined with its myRack data management platform enables unprecedented data security and compliance for unstructured files, virtual machines, and databases. Extending the platform to integrate with Fornetix’ FIPS 140-2 Level 2-compliant Key Orchestration provides the most advanced level of data security available among network attached storage systems.

Chuck White, Fornetix’s CTO, stated that, “RackTop has been a fantastic partner in delivering the promise and value of Key Orchestration to customers. The platform brings the full capability of standards-based security to customers through protection, scalability, and extensibility in an easy-to-field solution. With our partnership, we deliver a cornerstone of adaptive Cyber Defense that aligns policy with the encryption key lifecycle, protecting the information we hold valuable to individuals and organizations alike.”

Fornetix Key Orchestration is available as a feature of the BrickStor E-Series line of appliances, and will be available in the future as part of the myRack subscription based software defined storage platform when running on certified hardware.

About RackTop Systems

RackTop was founded by intelligence community veterans who have been solving the most complex data and security problems for over two decades. Today, RackTop develops innovative software products that are revolutionizing the data storage industry by combining high-performance network attached storage with advanced security to solve the most difficult compliance and cyber security challenges facing the modern enterprise. RackTop’s products are unified under a single platform, offering reduced complexity, improved security, and significant cost savings over traditional solutions. Visit www.racktopsystems.com for more information.

About Fornetix, LLC

Fornetix is helping organizations unleash the full potential of encryption by conquering the key management bottleneck. Our Key Orchestration ecosystem automates the key lifecycle across the entire enterprise with groundbreaking precision and speed. Policy-driven automation of the key rotation lifecycle reduces human error and empowers your organization to remain secure and avoid costly data breaches. As global use of encryption rapidly expands, you can be prepared for the future with unparalleled scalability. Please call 1-844-KEY-ORCH or visit www.fornetix.com for more information.

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