PODCAST: Chuck White Visits ‘New Cyber Frontier’ to Discuss Encryption and Cyber Defense

Our Chief Technology Officer at Fornetix, Chuck White, sat down with Professor Andre Hinton from the New Cyber Frontier podcast to explore the ways powerful encryption can solve the big problems of cybersecurity. Take a listen using the audio player below!

From New Cyber Frontier:


NCF-98 Powerful Defensive Cyber Weapons


Today, our guest Charles White articulates his view on how encryption can be a solution for the cyber industries challenges. He discusses new thought processes in using encryption to create cyber controls and how this new technology can shrink the attack surface to reduce advanced persistent cyber threats. As he sees it, these are powerful weapons for defense from offensive cyber attacks. Mr. White gives some advice on the steps you can take for yourself to intelligently protect your network, system, and personal resources on the web. Listen for some great suggestions on how to control your private information.