Fornetix Granted U.S. Patent That Ensures Accurate and Swift Deployment of Encryption Policies Across All Devices

Innovative breakthrough in encryption key management strengthens VaultCore™ as leading security solution for enterprises

FREDERICK, MD – Fornetix, LLC, an industry pioneer and leader in enterprise encryption management technology, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 10,630,686 B2, entitled “Systems and Methods for Organizing Devices in a Policy Hierarchy.”

This patented proprietary technology affords enterprise IT administrators from every industry the power to organize all of their systems in a policy-based hierarchy. This ensures only encryption keys that comply with the latest standards are deployed to the appropriate devices and enforced accordingly.

A cornerstone of VaultCore™, Fornetix’s encryption key management solution, patent coinventor and Fornetix CTO Chuck White explains, “This innovation is a key differentiator between VaultCore and the competition. The ability to deploy policy in a hierarchy guarantees swift and accurate integration and enforcement of mandated cryptographic policies throughout the entire enterprise.” White added, “Combine this technology with VaultCore’s capacity to manage hundreds of millions of encryption keys, and you have the best solution available for a unified approach to key management.”

The issuance of this novel patent brings Fornetix to eight sole rights for groundbreaking technologies that have been incorporated into the VaultCore encryption key management solution. Additionally, Fornetix has five US patent applications currently pending along with nearly one hundred international applications.

About Fornetix

At Fornetix we understand that managing encryption in today’s complex environment can seem an impossible task. That’s why we created VaultCore, a simplified, automated, and secure encryption key management solution designed to address security challenges arising from the proliferation of IoT, big distributed networks, and rapid cloud adoption. Our commitment to standards and interoperability enable us to join forces with leading technologies around the globe to provide smart and unified security solutions that bring order to the chaos of encryption management.