Fornetix and Cyphre Join Forces to Deliver Advanced Encryption Solutions

ASHBURN, Virginia, July 28, 2017 – Today, Fornetix® and Cyphre Security Solutions, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of RigNet, Inc. (NASDAQ:RNET), announce their strategic partnership to address the importance of approaching data protection in an active, continuous and programmatic way. In this new collaboration, the two companies will work closely to integrate Cyphre’s BlackTIE® encryption technology and Fornetix’s Key Orchestration™ (NOTE: Key Orchestration is now known as “VaultCore”) enterprise key management products that substantially reduce the amount of data accessible to attackers. This powerful solution provides the security controls needed to maintain data integrity, while maximizing security at the most controllable, granular level.

“One of the core issues facing organizations today is the onslaught of cybersecurity products and capabilities in the marketplace and the inability to objectively understand which are needed and which are best. Powerful encryption has been proven to be the best protector of sensitive data-at-rest and data-in-transit. With powerful encryption comes the need for a policy-based advanced encryption key management ecosystem that operates with groundbreaking precision and speed. Together, Cyphre and Fornetix provide that holistic encryption solution,” said Chuck White, CTO of Fornetix.

Fornetix Key Orchestration is an advanced key management ecosystem that takes traditionally long, manual encryption processes and transforms them into automated, easy-to-use solutions. Benefits include reduced costs, process consistency, enhanced use of encryption, and enterprise modifiability. Fornetix’s Key Orchestration appliance integrates with Cyphre’s BlackTIE-powered offerings to deliver high-performance security solutions that protect the integrity of your encrypted data from continuously evolving threats. The integrated solutions are available immediately.

Cyphre’s BlackTIE technology augments vulnerable single encryption keys with hardware-encrypted Black Keys to render hijacked keys useless, thus neutralizing the threat. Chip-resident Black Keys are completely isolated from hacker exposure, even hidden from Cyphre itself. For heightened security, BlackTIE uses a key-per-file protection approach to encrypt all data-at-rest and data-in-transit.

“As businesses continue to demand data protection beyond a classic software based encryption, the integration of Cyphre’s BlackTIE technology and Fornetix’s Key Orchestration appliance, provide RigNet an opportunity to meet our customer demands for best-in-class cybersecurity solutions,” said Steve Pickett, President and CEO of RigNet, Inc. “By fully integrating heightened data protection and key management with other security elements within a multilayered posture, organizations can further narrow gaps between their security layers, while implementing strong cryptographic protections for their most sensitive, and vulnerable, data.”

About Fornetix

Fornetix is helping organizations unleash the full potential of encryption by conquering the key management bottleneck. Our Key Orchestration ecosystem automates the key lifecycle across the entire enterprise with groundbreaking precision and speed. Policy-driven automation of the key rotation lifecycle reduces human error and empowers your organization to remain secure and avoid costly data breaches. As global use of encryption rapidly expands, you can be prepared for the future with unparalleled scalability. Please call 1-844-KEY-ORCH or visit for more information.

About Cyphre

Cyphre, a wholly owned subsidiary of RigNet, Inc. (NASDAQ:RNET), is a cybersecurity company deploying disruptive data protection innovations by enhancing industry standard encryption protocols with our patent pending BlackTIE technology. Product offerings include Encrypted Cloud Storage and Enterprise Collaboration services, Secure Integration with IoT devices and applications, and the Enterprise Cloud Encryption Gateway. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter: @getcyphre.