PRESS RELEASE: Fornetix and Vengar Technologies Join Forces to Create Disruptive Zero-Trust Solution

Partnership delivers impenetrable security foundation throughout the enterprise and out to the edge

FREDERICK, MARYLANDFornetix, LLC today announced its technology partnership with Vengar Technologies, creating a powerful, innovative joint data protection solution that leverages Fornetix’s innovative encryption key management system, VaultCore™,and Vengar’s zero-trust object level data protection.

“As a young company, we’re excited to align Vengar Technologies with the Fornetix group. Fornetix brings a mature and impressive list of customers from gov to commercial,” said Toney Jennings, CEO of Vengar. “We’re confident this partnership will greatly increase our joint technology offering and sales velocity. Because of our relationship with Mr. Gilroy, the Fornetix team, and the new combined offering, we are also moving our east coast headquarters to the DC region, which will be hubbed out of the Fornetix headquarters in Frederick, Maryland embedded in a full SCIF.”

Using a unique combination of multi-layered encryption and Identity & Access Management technologies, Vengar’s solution creates a micro-perimeter all the way down to individual data object level. This micro-perimeter travels with the data wherever it goes, at all times for the entire document lifecycle. Before access to the data is granted, the user’s identity along with their access and usage rights are validated every time. Validation for access is based on multiple factors including user identity (username, password, biometrics, PIN, token, etc), Device ID, Geolocation, authorized access timeframes, usage rights (read only, etc), and threat risk. Vengar’s proprietary solution addresses concerns over where the zero-trust data package has gone or who has access to it is since it can only be accessed by authorized recipients under authorized circumstances.

“We are extremely excited to announce our relationship with Vengar Technologies. The combination of our innovative key management technology with Vengar’s object security solution empowers Fornetix to bring to market a disruptive joint solution like no other in the cybersecurity space,” says Mark Gilroy, CEO of Fornetix. “Now federal and commercial enterprises will be fully enabled to address and mitigate the core security vulnerabilities in this age of IoT and rapid cloud adoption.”

Fornetix’s VaultCore makes encryption management at scale simple whether in the cloud, on prem or hyperconverged environments. VaultCore’s granular policy tools, user access controls, and powerful automation makes it easy to manage the entire life cycle of encryption keys throughout the enterprise and out to the edge. VaultCore is the only encryption management solution with the capacity to deliver, process, and support hundreds of millions of keys for large-scale distributed environments with little impact on performance. Easy integration via KMIP, and non-KMIP, using Fornetix’s Orchestration Gateway, VaultCore enables companies to leverage their existing technology investments. VaultCore is also validated up to FIPS 140-2 Level 2, and Level 3 with HSM integration. The combination of Fornetix and Vengar addresses the complexity needed to meet more stringent regulatory mandates, guidelines, and standards that are being activated to protect sensitive customer data.

By combining VaultCore’s powerful key management system with Vengar’s innovative zero-trust data protection solution, customers now have a security solution that includes an easily integrated platform providing an impenetrable security foundation throughout the enterprise and out to the edge.


At Fornetix we understand that managing encryption in today’s complex environment can seem an impossible task. That’s why we created VaultCore, a simplified, automated, and secure encryption key management solution designed to address security challenges arising from the proliferation of IoT, big distributed networks, and rapid cloud adoption. Our commitment to standards and interoperability enable us to join forces with leading technologies around the globe to provide smart and unified security solutions that bring order to the chaos of encryption management.


Vengar is a cybersecurity SaaS pioneer of “Zero-Trust” data solutions. Vengar solutions allows our clients to maintain control of their data, forever, even when it has left their possession and traveled around the world. In an increasingly prolific threat environment, new and innovative cross-platform approaches are required. Vengar combines on-device encryption, identity management, geofencing, and DRM to provide the very best data protection while also delivering simplified deployment and seamless user experience. Our philosophy is simple: Trust No One.


Catherine Wolniewicz
SVP Global Marketing
Fornetix, LLC