Grinch hacking

Merry Christmas and… Happy Hacking?

’tis the season to lose data

Overall consumer spending online remains dramatically elevated thanks to the pandemic, and no one is predicting a decline in post-holiday online sales. The sweet spot between Christmas and New Years that brings a frenzy of shoppers searching for year-end bargains isn’t just for those looking to use their gift cards. It’s also a special time of year for cybercriminals who ramp up efforts to phish, scam and hack their way into companies to gain access to valuable data.  

This year, a larger than average number of IT security professionals will spend their Christmas morning standing guard against the cyber-grinches trying to infiltrate their networks instead of gathering around the tree and unwrapping gifts.

This holiday season…

Globally, the 2019 holiday season cost companies an estimated $50 million*. On average, each data security breach in 2020 cost the assaulted company no less than $3.65 million, an alarming amount for any enterprise.

The largest organizations maintain dedicated IT security staff 24/7, 365 days a year. But not all companies can or are willing to do this and are often left vulnerable over the holidays when staff are traditionally on leave and the rate of cyberattacks are increasing.

This season, organizations vulnerable to breaches should consider purchasing themselves just one gift to protect their data – an encryption key management solution like Fornetix VaultCore.

Your company is already encrypting their most valuable data assets, but is your staff managing your thousands or even millions of encryption keys well enough to thwart an attack? The rapid growth in IoT adoption, cloud data storage, and distributed workforces demands that today’s security staff have the proper tools to stay on top of key management in order to prevent attacks around the holidays.

The gift that keeps on giving

VaultCore is a state-of-the-art encryption key management system that can swiftly integrate with most every system. The patented technology gives administrators from every industry the power to organize their networks in a policy-based hierarchy. This guarantees quick and accurate enforcement of mandated policies throughout your entire organization – to every device.

Historically, adequate protection of large amounts of data required daily attention. But even the most committed IT security staff deserves a day off over the holidays. With VaultCore, you’re capable of setting an automated re-key schedule that matches your desired policy – a “set it and forget it” approach – that turns a manual process into a simple click of a button that is sure to spread cheer among your workforce.

VaultCore provides full lifecycle key management — meaning you have complete control to generate, register, store, distribute, install, use, rotate, backup, recover, revoke, suspend, or destroy keys — and it’s fully automated. This unprecedented power ensures only keys that comply with the most recent policy are deployed, only to the appropriate devices, and are enforced accordingly to the most granular level. 

Holiday bonus: VaultCore’s automation and policy enforcement control can easily be exercised across all environments, including storage, applications, virtualization, networking, and cloud services, providing the ultimate data defense protection. 

For a deeper dive into understanding encryption key management and how to seamlessly integrate it into your current security strategy to protect your data this holiday season and beyond, click here to read The CISO’s Guide to Understanding Encryption Key Management.

*Cybersecurity Insiders. Cyber Security to be challenged in Christmas Season! by Naveen Goud.