Fornetix Awarded Patent for Breakthroughs in Encryption Key Management

Patented solution covers systems and methods for encryption key management, federation, and distribution via an interconnected, orchestrated security ecosystem.

ASHBURN, Virginia, Aug. 10, 2017 Fornetix, LLC today announced the issuance of patent number 9,729,577 from the US Patent Office which covers breakthrough solutions for the management of encryption keys and other security objects. The inventors listed on the patent are Charles White, Joseph Brand, and Stephen Edwards.

“The issuance of this patent, the first of many to come, highlights the disruptive role Key Orchestration will play in the encryption key management market,” said Steve Philson, Chief Operating Officer of Fornetix. “It’s a great way to protect our Intellectual Property and identify how truly groundbreaking this solution can be for an organization’s data security efforts.”

The Key Orchestration ecosystem gives organizations a new level of control over their encryption by combining a powerful policy engine, scalability for hundreds of millions of keys, automation of the key lifecycle, and a commitment to interoperability, extensibility, and industry standards.

Instead of relying on outdated perimeter defenses that are ripe for data breaches, Key Orchestration has the critical combination of speed, capacity, and management tools that allow an enterprise to encrypt vastly more data than previously possible. When the entire network is encrypted, it leaves nothing of value for hackers to steal in the event of a breach.

“The award of this patent validates the hard work, innovation, and vision of the Fornetix Team,” said Charles White, Chief Technology Officer of Fornetix and one of the creators of Key Orchestration. “As the first of many patents, this sets the stage for driving encryption key management to encompass everything from the data center to the individual. Ultimately, this patent helps validate the broader Orchestration ecosystem and its impact in delivering interoperability, agility, and resilience to our partners and our customers.”

About Fornetix

Fornetix is helping organizations unleash the full potential of encryption by conquering the key management bottleneck. Our Key Orchestration ecosystem automates the key lifecycle across the entire enterprise with groundbreaking precision and speed. Policy-driven automation of the key rotation lifecycle reduces human error and empowers your organization to remain secure and avoid costly data breaches. As global use of encryption rapidly expands, you can be prepared for the future with unparalleled scalability. Please call 1-844-KEY-ORCH or follow us on Twitter (@fornetix) for more information.